Especially when upgraded, Pokeys are created lightning quick. At higher levels, you can create an army of 150 Pokeys within minutes. Pokey Bombs can be very useful. A lot of players found out that the Pokey Bomb (or Pokeys flung in as expendable troop), are often very effective, as the Pokeys overwhelm the defences (especially Snipers and Teslas). Each Pokey can be buffed by Fomor , or used with putty rage to extending their usefulness. This technique is often used in conjunction with Kozu Farming. NOTE: NEVER put Pokeys against Lasers and Cannons because they both deal high damage to larger groups of monsters. Booby Traps will take down Pokey Bombs quickly, especialy if they are bunched up; QuakeTowers will also take Pokey Bombs down fast. See the Pokey Bomb page for more info and how to use it. It is also often useful to use a Pokey Bomb against Champions such as Drull, since a Drull can only take out one Pokey at a time, leaving the rest of the Pokeys to kill the Drull.

Pokey is also best when used with monsters that have high health, such as Octo-ooze. The monsters with high health can be used as "meat shields" while the Pokey does damage. It is not recommended on higher level bases unless you plan on using the Pokey Bomb.

Sending multiple waves of Pokeys to Kozu, Legionaire, or Abunakki yards can be very effective. When used correctly, 300 Pokeys easily take down most NPC yards. This method is very cheap when it comes to Goo. Pokeys are less effective against player yards, but they are still useful. If you can see an obvious minefield or Silo Death Trap, Pokeys can be used as minesweepers.

Any Sniper or Tesla that is undefended can be taken down by using Pokeys.

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