Pokey Bomb Guide


  • Pokeys
  • Max amount of Hatcheries in each main base andoutposts
  • At least 1 outposts at your disposal
  • At least 1,000,000 Goo

Optional: A Hatchery Control Center

Step 1: Fulfils all the prerequisites, if not fulfilled already.

Step 2: Hatch some Pokeys at all outposts you have and fill all the housing space.

Step 3: Fling as many Pokeys as possible at one spot.


  • Effective against champions like Drull .
  • If you want to fling 2000 Pokeys in one attack, you would need to have 26 outposts and would be able to fling 2,012 Pokeys.(level 4 flinger required)
  • Warning! Flinging in large amounts of Pokeys may cause a lagging or freezing computer (you'll need a good computer and internet connection.).
  • Putty Raging Pokeys many times may cause desperate lack of putty.
  • Fling as much as possible. Do not fling them in increments of less than that. That is selective Pokey flinging, not a Pokey Bomb.
  • Do not use Pokey Bombs often if there are Laser Towers or Cannon Towers.
  • If you are in the Inferno or need a stronger bomb, simply use Spurtz instead of Pokey.
  • If a yard has too many defensive towers, you can also combine this with an Octo-bomb.


  • Although Pokey Bomb is a very good and effective attack, but it will also be defeated in a second if it is attacked by some traps or defensive towers.
  • Example: Booby Trap and heavy trap, Laser tower, Cannon tower, Quake tower and Railgun.
  • If you don't want your Pokey Bomb be affected by any traps, you may try to fling some Octo-ooze or any high health monster into the yard and check if there's any traps.
  • If you can notice a trap it's there try letting one-five Pokey to feel out the traps first then set out the rest of your Pokey.
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