Produced in Putty Squishers, Putty is mainly used for researching and upgrading monsters, but is also used for attack and the construction and upgrading of certain buildings, espicially defence. Also used for Putty Rage in the Catapult.

More Info

  • You can buy Putty with a certain amount of Shiny in the General Store, but buying resources is not recommended since it is not very efficient.
  • Sulfur is the counterpart of Putty in Inferno.
  • Putty is used for Putty Rage. The old 10 Milion Putty Rage made the monsters invincible for 40 seconds. Since a new update was implanted some time ago, the 10 Milion Putty Rage offers 90% armour so your monsters take 10% of the normal damage.
  • From my experience, once you have researched level 3 for all abilties in Monster Lab and have trained all your monsters to level 6. then Putty would then be useless.