Putty Rage

Fangs getting Enraged by Putty

General information

Putty Rage is a rage that is fired by the Catapult. When you fire it at your monsters, they will improve in certain points like speed and defense. A 10 Million Putty Rage is the most dangerous of them all, because your monsters will have double moving speed and they will take only 10% damage for 40 seconds. The best monster to use 10 Million Putty Rage on is the Project X (this strategy is known as PPX, which is outdated), as their favourite target is Defensive Towers and their damage is high (2200 at level 6). Their Health Points doesn't matter much as they will be semi-invincible for 40 seconds. Like all other Catapult options, you can only use Putty Rage once per attack. The larger the putty rage the longer the rage lasts, the more damage boost, the faster speed, and bigger shield


Size Speed Armour* Cost (Putty) Duration
Small 120% 20% 10,000 10 seconds
Medium 140% 40% 100,000 15 seconds
Large 180% 70% 5 Million 30 seconds
Huge 200% 90% 10 Million 40 seconds

*Instead of taking damage normally, your monsters will take reduced damage. For example, your monsters will take 80% damage during a small Putty Rage, but will only take 10% damage during a huge Putty Rage.


  • Putty Rage was introduced as of November 8, 2010, along with Wormzer.
  • In the early days of Backyard Monsters 10 Million Putty Rage would make Project X totally invincible (It was known as PPX), but it was weakened in an update.
  • Putty Rage nerfed: Still great but not 100% invulnerability.


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