Notice: If you have a good Quadrant base APPROVED by Backyard Monsters forum Stomp the Yard section post here! A good way to protect your yard is a Quadrant Base if made properly.

This yard is not actually very strong.It is not bad in fending off dave attacks but the yard can be destroyed by ppx quite easily.
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Quadrant Base
571px-Nex base2
Score 61/100
Building Placement
TH & Silos 9/10
Towers 6/10
Bunkers 7/10
RGs 6/10
NEC 7/10
Blocks 5/10
D.A.V.E.s 7/10
Anti-PPX 4/10
Air 3/10
Eye-Ras 4/5
Wormzers 3/5

Basic Information

A quadrant base is a base that is divided into sections with walk paths between them. This can be a bad base if it is created like the box base, which relies on delaying monsters by forcing them to break through the walls. If it is made correctly, as in the example shown below, it can be good base as it forces monsters to walk around each section of the base while taking damage from towers and traps. It's a good idea to not make this base unless you are good at making.

Example of Quadrant Base (1)


This kind of base is easy to make and gives a reasonable defense against the average attacker. The pathing allows for easy placement of traps and gives time for towers to whittle down attackers. The close walling eliminates much of the advantage of range for rocket Daves. Multiple waves do not damage the pathing.


While this base is reasonably well made, it doesn't excel at anything. Other designs exist that do what this base does better.

Cataprone in critical areas and easily farmable with quite a profit turnover since you don't have to waste a lot of resources catapulting.

The Ultimate Quadrant Base:

My super yard

a quadrant base, based on the 4th base of Brukkarg