Lamp 5

The range of a Level 4 Sniper tower as displayed through the Yard Planner (Both Ground and Aerial Range)

Range is the distance from which a Defensive Tower can hit an enemy. Each defensive building has its own range, which can generally be increased through upgrading.

When you are viewing the Yard Planner, you can select 'Show Tower Ranges' to display the range each tower has. Range is showed in red along with the tower as a block in the middle.

Every 20 extra range from a tower is same distance as a block. If a tower has 200 range, it means that it has a distance of 10 blocks.

You may also toggle if you want to see ranges or not. Uncheck/Check the ground range box for ground-based towers, while Uncheck/Check the Aerial range for air-based towers. You can also see their levels if you check the Show Levels Box.