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Strongbox level 3
Favorite target Defensive Towers
Attacks ground yes
Attacks air yes
Special ability Ranged Fireballs.

" With heat resistant skin and an aerodynamic body, Sabnox can traverse the magma flows of Inferno as easily as the ashy terrain. Its ability to spit fire from a distance makes it deadly to defensive towers. "

General Information

This monster is a snake-like creature that shoots fireballs at targets. This monster was first seen in Wave 32 (Bonus Wave 2) in Wild Monster Invasion. It was seen with a red glow that gave it invincibility like the 10 Million Putty Rage (now known as "Enraging").

His skull is the second on the Victory Totem Pole 2 .

While attacking defensive towers, its attack doubles and can shoot fireballs extremely fast (approx. 3 per second) from a distance (about 250 range), similar to D.A.V.E.s with Rockets (except that the fireballs are similar to a Teratorn's). It is also used to feed Korath at levels 3, 4 and 5.


Level 1 2 3 4 5
Movement speed 1.7 kph 1.7 kph 1.9 kph 2.0 kph 2.1 kph
Health 1,120 1,260 1,400 1,650 1,900
Damage 700(1400) 825(1650) 950(1900) 1075(2150) 1200(2400)
Magma cost 60,000 90,000 145,000 200,000 330,000
Magma cost(MapRoom3) 180,000 270,000 435,000 600,000 990,000
Housing space 80 80 80 80 80
Production time 23m 4s 23m 4s 23m 4s 23m 4s 23m 4s
Production time(MapRoom3) 1h 09m 12s 1h 09m 12s 1h 09m 12s 1h 09m 12s 1h 09m 12s
Upgrade cost (Sulfur) 2,457,600 2,457,600 4,915,200 7,372,800 9,830,400
Upgrade time 2d 2d 4d 6d 8d
Attack to housing ratio 8.8 (17.5) 10.3 (20.6) 11.9 (23.8) 13.4 (26.9) 15 (30)
Health to housing ratio 14.0 15.8 17.5 20.6 23.8


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