" Your very own Backyard Shotgun! This cannon fires a spurtz militia to do your bidding - Just what you need to stop groups of invaders dead in their tracks. "
-Spurtz Cannon-
" The Black Diamond Spurtz Cannon boasts stronger durability and reduced loading times. Your enemies will need a monster miracle to get past these! "
-Black Diamond Spurtz Cannon-

Spurtz Cannon
Spurtz Tower Building Button
Town Hall Level Required 0
Maximum Building Levels 5
Building Usage Defense
Attacks ground yes
Attacks air no
Size 2.5x2.5 x 2.5x2.5 in blocks

General Information

The Spurtz Cannon is the tower given out as a reward from Brukkarg War. Other than being a prized totem similar to those from other Wild Monster Invasions, this tower also spawns several Spurtz from the inferno at attackers within range in addition to a small fireball explosion. The sizes of the spawned Spurtz vary each time they land and the tower is automated, meaning players do not fill it with monsters like a bunker.

Players receive one tower after destroying the Brukkarg's third base and a second tower after destroying the fourth base. Upon destroying the final base, the existing towers are upgraded to black-tinted versions of the cannons, which deal reload twice as fast and have increased health.

The damage and health of the Spurtz which spawn via the cannon are based on your very own Spurtz, so if your Spurtz are fully upgraded, each Spurtz would have 510 hp and 300 damage. If your tower is fully upgraded and your Spurtz are too, then the total health for all 50 Spurtz would be 25,500 and the damage would be 15,000, although if targets are not reached by the Spurtz within 5 seconds the Spurtz despawn. Damage caused can also be increased if the defender uses Fomor.

Spurtz Cannons can now be obtained through the Hell-Raisers event [1].

Note: Now can be purchased from the store (regular spurtz cannon). There is a glitch where you can build two cannons and one will dissapear next time you enter your yard.

When all the Spurtz are spawned, this would mean the Spurtz Cannon will be empty and stop firing.




Range Explosion Range Spurtz Spawned per Battle Damage per Spurtz Time Prerequisites
Bones Coal Sulfur
1 0 0 0 300 35 35 160 - 300 Instant Destroyed Brukkarg's 3rd Base/5000 XP
2 500,000 375,000 250,000 350 45 37 160 - 300 5 d Level 7 Town Hall, Under Hall
3 1,000,000 750,000 500,000 400 55 40 160 - 300 7 d Level 8 Town Hall, Under Hall
4 3,000,000 2,250,000 1,500,000 450 65 44 160 - 300 10 d Level 9 Town Hall, Under Hall
5 12,000,000 9,000,000 6,000,000 500 75 50 160 - 300 14 d Level 10 Town Hall, Under Hall

Prize, and Build limit Requirements

Through Brukkarg War

Type Prerequisites

Destroyed 3rd Base

Black Diamond

Destroyed 5th Base

Amount Prerequisites

Destroyed 3rd Base


Destroyed 4th Base

Through Hell Raisers

Type Prerequisites
Original 5000 XP
Original (2) 5000 XP
Black Diamond 5000 XP

Recycling, HP and Repair Time

In Construction

Level Resources Recycled HP Repair Time
Bones Coal Sulfur
1 0 0 0 12,200 (16,500 - Black Diamond)  ? (34m - Black Diamond)
2 250,000 187,500 125,000  ? (24,200 - Black Diamond)  ? (57m - Black Diamond)
3 750.000 562.500 375.000  ? (33,000 - Black Diamond)  ? (55m - Black Diamond)
4 2.250.000 1.687.500 1.125.000  ? (52,800 - Black Diamond)  ? (58m 40s - Black Diamond)
5 8,250,000 6,187,500 4,125,000  ? (66,000, Black Diamond )  ? (1h Black Diamond)


Spurtz Cannon Normal Damaged Destroyed
Normal Spurtz Tower 1 Spurtz Tower 1 Damaged Spurtz Tower 1 Destroyed
Black Diamond Spurtz Tower Black Spurtz Tower Black Damaged Spurtz Tower Black Destroyed


  • You can build the Spurtz cannon, because it says an Under Hall Level 0 is required. (19/07/2012) (FIXED)
  • There has been cases whereby people gets only Normal Spurtz Cannon when they have already won the Black Diamond upgrade, and people getting more cannons than they initially should after the event or one at all. (FIXED)
  • Players could obtain two Black Diamond Spurtz Cannon available in the "defense" section of the shop by attacking a level 50 stronghold in MR 3 without completing any events.
  • Players could obtain even 3 Black Diamond Spurtz Cannon (although only 2 can be built) by attacking a  level 50 stronghold in MR 3 after getting the first 2 Black Diamond Spurtz Cannon using the same glitch. After doing so, the player can build a normal Spurtz Cannon which becomes Black Diamond Spurtz Cannon after refreshing the game. However, after refreshing the game one more time the player may find only 2  Black Diamond Spurtz Cannon in his yard.
  • To get 2 Black Diamond Spurtz Cannons,hatch an Octo-ooze,go attack a level 50 Stronghold,fling in the Octo-ooze,wait for it to die,then exit the attack,go to your yard then go to the "Defense" section,you should see 2 Black Diamond Spurtz Cannons.


  • Spurtz Cannon is considered an Inferno building (due to the Infernal Resources shown on the building area) in the overworld, even though you can't build it in the Inferno like the Chaos Lab and Chaos Factory.
  • The Spurtz from these towers can also be buffed by Fomor.
  • There is no flame background on the Spurtz Cannon, despite it being part of the Inferno Buildings.
  • Upgrading a Spurtz Tower takes longer to upgrade than any other tower, but it is built instantaneously.
  • A level 1 Spurtz Cannon can kill a Level 6 D.A.V.E. with Level 3 Rockets.
  • If you were to attract some monsters with your Wild Monster Baiter then scare them away, although the Spurtz Cannon will continue to fire at the monsters within range, the Spurtz spawned will simply die rather than chasing after the retreating monsters.
  • Even if they don't get attacked, the Spurtz spawned from the tower will die after a while.
  • Spurtz Cannons cannot be built on Outposts (except on Strongholds).
  • Balthazars treat the Spurtz Cannon as some kind of bunker because it releases Spurtz, therefore making the Spurtz Cannon one of Balthazar's first priority when attacking.
  • The Spurtz Cannon has the longest range of any tower.
  • The Spurtz Cannon can kill a Level 6 Drull.
  • The Spurtz Cannon is the only tower that can launch monsters to kill the enemies that are attacking their base (excluding the Monster Bunker, because exactly, the Monster Bunker is not really a tower).
  • The Spurtz Cannon is also the only Inferno Defensive Building that can launch monsters.


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