Storage determines how many units of each resource you can store in your base.

Storage buildings

Storage is the capacity of all your storage buildings combined. The game has four kinds of storage buildings:

  • The main storage building is the Storage Silo, whose only purpose is to store resources.
  • The Town Hall also stores some resources (10,000).

Storage rooms in both the Silos and Harvesters are determined by the building's level. However, the storage room in your base, in which you store resources after banking them from their Harvester, is only determined by the storage room in your Silos, Town Hall and Outposts.


  • Resources are not transferred to other resource production buildings once their own building's storage is full. Instead, the resource building will simply stop working until the resources inside are banked. A red exclamation mark would appear on top of the resource building when it is full.
  • Outposts will automatically bank recourses.

Tips for storing resources if your silos are full:


  1. Fill your housing with any monster (if they're already full leave them that way, if not fill them with pokeys (the cheapest and quickest monster to create)
  2. Fill your hatcheries with D.A.V.E.s (or, if you haven't unlocked them, the highest goo-cost monster you have)
  3. The next day, or whenever you need goo, cancel the D.A.V.E production - this will give you a full goo refund.


  1. Start a high-cost upgrade (DAVEs or zafreeti in the monster academy, or an upgrade in the monster lab)
  2. The next day, or whenever you need the putty, cancel the upgrade. This will give you a full putty refund.


  1. Start a high-cost upgrade, as well as one that takes some time (2+ days) - for example, a lvl 9 --> lvl 10 harvester.
  2. The next day, or whenever you need twigs/pebbles, cancel the upgrade for a full refund.