Storage Silo
A Silo
Town Hall Level Required 1
Maximum Building Levels 10
Building Usage Resource
Size 4 x 4 in blocks

" Increase your bank's capacity of Twigs, Pebbles, Putty and Goo. "

General information

Storage Silos are what holds all of your gathered resources. There is no visual difference between upgraded versions, but as you reach the resource cap the Silo's sack will begin to bulge. Each unit of storage space is actually available for every resource without affecting the other resources. A level 1 Silo can hold 30,000 units (adding all the banked resources) but only a maximum of 7,500 of any type (Twigs, Pebbles, Putty or Goo). The maximum number of Storage Silos that can be constructed is 6, giving a base maximum storage just from the Silos with all at level 10 of 23,040,000. A permanent upgrade to storage can be purchased from the General Store called "Improved Packing Skills", it will increase your maximum storage by 10% of your main yard. At the maximum 10/10 level with six level 10 Silos with a Town Hall will provide 46,100,000 storage space just from Silos. You can also increase your capacity by building Outposts. A good way of doing this is with a Silo Death Trap (SDT), which is a "maze" filled with Booby Trap s and Silos.

While most people may find it ironic, defend the lower level/less fortified Silos more than the higher level/more fortified Silos. This is because no matter what level a Silo is, when it is destroyed, 5% of your banked resources will be looted. Since lower level Silos have less HP than higher level Silos, so it will take a shorter time to destroy , hence giving towers less time to shoot the monsters. Thus, lower level Silos need to be defended with higher level towers in order to kill the monsters faster, preventing them from being destroyed. Also, if you can afford it, you can fortify your Silos, which buys you some more time for the towers to kill the monsters, since it would take longer for the Silo to be destroyed. Most Yards have Silos beside Spurtz Cannons or ADTs, this is because it makes it uncatapultable. Storage silos take a significatly larger amount of damage from catapults than any other building, and destroying it via catapult doesn't give you any resources, making it a huge waste.


Level Cost Time Prerequisites Damage
Twigs Pebbles
1 59,375 29,687 16h 52m 30s L5 Town Hall 20%
2 118,750 59,375 1d 1h 18m 40s L6 Town Hall 30%
3 637,500 518,750 1d 13h 58m L7 Town Hall 40%
4 1,475,000 1,237,500 2d 8h 57m 10s L8 Town Hall 50%

Upgrading the Storage Silo

Upgrading a storage silo will increase its storage capacity. In the table below, Storage Capacity is displayed in units.

Level Cost Upgrading Time HP Repair Time Resources Recycled Storage Capacity
Twigs Pebbles Twigs Pebbles
1 3,010 1,855 20m 750 1,505 927 7,500
2 7,421 3,710 30m 1,400 5,125 2,782 15,000
3 14,843 7,421 45m 2,550 12,637 6,493 30,000
4 29,687 14,843 1h 7m 30s 4,750 27,480 13,914 60,000
5 59,375 29,687 1h 41m 15s 8,800 57,168 28,758 120,000
6 118,750 59,375 2h 31m 52s 16,250 117,168 58,445 240,000
7 237,500 118,750 3h 47m 48s 30,000 235,918 117,820 480,000
8 475,000 237,500 5h 41m 43s 55,600 473,418 236,570 960,000
9 950,000 475,000 8h 32m 34s 105,000 948,418 474,070 1,920,000
10 1,900,000 950,000 12h 48m 52s 190,000 1,898,418 949,070 3,840,000

Building Stages

Level Filling Up Normal Damaged Destroyed
1 ~ 10 Storage Silo Storage Silo 3

Storage Silo 3 damaged

Storage Silo 3 destroyed


  • The cloth of this building is similar to the one used to cover four buildings that were to be released before and were voted on which building gets released first. One of these four buildings were the Monster Bunker.
  • You can have no storage silos and still store a lot of resources in Outposts.
  • Storage Silos are like small Outposts.
  • Putty stores are no longer reset on every load for certain bases.

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