Octo-ooze OD

Warning: this Guide is for players at approximitly level 20

Choosing the Right Buildings and Upgrades

Choosing the right objects and upgrade is one of the most important things when building a base. Here are some things to think about when building your base

Reccomended Buildings (Don't forget this is only a basic strategy for low level players)

Building Quantity Level of object(s)
Twig Snapper 4 4+
Pebble Shiner 4 4+
Putty Squisher 4 3+
Goo Factory 4 4+
Town Hall 1 3-4
Flinger 1 1
Map Room 1 1
Monster Locker 1 1-2
Hatchery 1+ 1-2
Housing 2 2
General Store 1 1 (Cannot be upgraded)
Block 30+ 1
Booby Trap 10 1 (Cannot be upgraded)

Organizing Your Base

Organising your base is also important when playing Backyard Monsters. Having a lot of monsters coming to attack a well organized base is usually better than been attacked by a smaller number of monsters with an unorganized base.

Try and keep your defense towers near your Resources and your Town Hall. Enemies may send in Octo-ooze to try and distract your towers and then send in some Bolt, Fink, Pokey or anything else that like to munch on Resources. The Bolt don't stand much of a chance against the towers so Bolt can't easily slip past. You can use walls to make paths for Octo-oozes and Bolts to follow and step on Booby Traps, dealing lots of damage.

Ideal Monsters To Unlock

Creating a good army of monsters and destroying your enemies' base is a good way to stop them attacking you. The enemy will then have to rebuild their base before they can attack again.

Octo-ooze are a brilliant way to distract towers. They work better on bases where all of the Resources are in the middle but they can succeed on nearly any kind of base. Fink are useful due to their high damage. Bolt may do low damage but they target silos and harvesters, which should be your goal so that you get loot to develop. Eye-ras are a waste of goo at the time since people don't use much walls still. They take a while to hatch and explode on walls. It is reccomended you save unlocking eye-ras for later in the game. Try to unlock ichis as they give you the most for their goo cost.

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