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Building a strong base layout is key to making it difficult for other players to attack you. There is a large amount of thought and strategy that goes into making a well defended base.

Bases are defended by Defensive Towers, Traps, and Champions. You can organize these in your yard layout and how effective your yard is depends on how well you can use the various defense hardware at your disposal.

You should build a "Yard Planner" as soon as possible, to help you improve your yard.

Signs of a Good Base Design

In All Situations: For all situations there are two main things that show a good base design. Firstly, buildings are protected in order of importance, the most important buildings should gain increased protection from the walls, layout pathing, towers, bunkers, traps and champions. Secondly, walls are used only to control monster movement, with good bases forcing monsters to constantly backtrack and turn corners. If a monster attacks a wall, it is a sign of a flaw in the design, as walls are always too weak to be useful taking damage against player attacks. Controlling where monsters walk is far more important than any damage the wall can take. One last tip is to not put all the Twig Snappers and Pebble Shiners together, and so on because when someone attacked me he (or she) destroyed all my Pebble Shiners and my Silos were full of Twigs, Putty, and Goo. I couldn't upgrade anything or build/create anything except monsters. I mixed up the position of my resources and he (or she) attacked me again; but he (or she) only took a few of each resource, so I could still build.

(Note: Against non-player attacks, using walls to take damage works just fine.)

Early Game: The early game is before Zafreetis start being used by you or against you. A sign that an early game base is good is how buildings are ordered and how tightly packed the design is to concentrate the firepower of towers together. The Town Hall, Silos, and Resource Harvesters are protected in that order. The standard layout is Town Hall and Silos in the center surrounded by a layer of towers, followed by a layer of Resource Harvesters, with an outer layer of other buildings. Swarms of cheap monsters are mainly used in the early game, so Cannon and Laser Towers are the most important towers. Walls and building layout should be designed to force monsters together to improve the effectiveness of the area damage towers. Traps should be spread out in the gaps between walls where you know monsters need to move to attack your buildings.

Mid Game: The mid-game is after Zafreetis make their appearance and before the Map Room is upgraded. Attacks now occur with constant healing support, and some light Catapult damage. The first thing to consider is how well the Aerial Defense Tower is protected. The protection of the Aerial Defense Tower should be the same as your Silos. Traps should be doubled, tripled or even quadrupled to combat the fast healing of Zafreetis. Walls should be improved to increase the distance monsters will walk around them and pathing in the design becomes crucial to keep monsters away from your important buildings. Weak towers or very important strong towers should be somewhat separated to reduce Catapult damage. Layout design to control monster pathing is what is used to maximize damage from multiple towers rather than just putting towers close together.

Late Game: After moving to World Map, the late game starts. Aerial defense and pathing becomes even more important, due to Teratorn attacks and Project-X with 10m Putty Rage (PPX) becoming common. The late game design has to maximize walk distance between towers to resist PPX attacks and strongly defend the Aerial Defense Towers in the design. Bunkers should be placed near the center of the base in a late game design, as the opponent's attacks can be far too strong to consider otherwise. Catapult damage becomes larger and needs to be combatted with very high level towers or having the towers very spread out in the design. Walling should be highly optimised, and a sign of this is that monsters will walk around almost every corners in the design once, and never break a block. A sign of an good late game layout is that the placement and distances between buildings is now as important to control monster pathing as the walls themselves.

End Game: The end game is only for players that frequently log in and are fighting players with more than 10 Outposts. Most players will not find themselves in this situation. The main difference now is the sizes of attacks becomes overwhelming and players are no longer concerned about throwing millions in resources to catapult towers. Huge attack sizes and infinite Catapults necessitates a spread-out design. It is no longer a matter of an unbreakable defense, but a design that prolongs the number and time of attacks as long as possible to trigger damage protection before complete destruction.


  • Protect the Silos with strong towers, such as the Aerial Defence Tower (ADT) and Laser Towers (LTs) or Railgun (RGTs). Aerial Defense kills Zafreeti and other flying monsters such as Teratorn and Fomor (level 3 and above) and Laser Towers or Railguns kills ground monsters and waves of monsters.
  • Defensive Towers must protect each other from long or short distance, for example, Laser protected by Aerial Defense from short distance, and protected by Tesla Tower and Sniper Tower from long distance. Note that you can check your ranges in the Yard planner.
  • Put some strong, useful monsters in your monster bunker, for example : D.A.V.E. (with Rockets to attack flying monsters), Bandito (with Whirlwind to attack multiple monsters), Eye-ra (to possibly surprise the attacker, very useful against champions, and if it has Airburst, can attack Aerial monsters and has extra range when it explodes).
  • Know what you want to do with your bunkers: It's your choice to put Monster Bunkers inside your yard (beside your Town Hall, Defensive Tower or Resources) to help you protect your yard or be placed on the outside to waste your enemies monsters and time.
  • Monsters will make a path towards the weaker walls, so having a high standard Gold or Black Diamond wall with a wooden wall in between them will cause them to path towards the wooden walls.
  • The most effective use of walls is to make monsters walk: when playing against players you can expect the attacking force to be several times stronger than the strength of the wall. In a serious attack, monsters will take less time breaking a Black Diamond wall (max level wall) than they take walking one block distance. So the most effective use of walls is to control monster movement.
  • Design your yard so defensive towers are not on the exterior: Once your towers are destroyed the rest of your yard can be destroyed easily.
  • Make a good base by arranging walls correctly. It's a good idea to read a guide for wall pathing .
  • Make your base seem not 'worth the time' to loot. People will skip over you and loot someone else. Ex. Make a nice labyrinth of walls for the monsters to stroll through while in the inner wall they are being shot by some Sniper Towers! Also place some Aerial defence just in case of Fomors and Teratorns.
  • Use Booby Traps or Heavy Traps correctly: Pace them at areas the attacker won't expect them to be, and make sure most/all of them will be stepped on.
  • Design your base to sacrifice unimportant buildings: You can make a fortress for your Silos, Town Hall, defenses etc., while leaving less important buildings outside. The outside buildings can give more time for your defense towers to weaken the attackers.
  • Good Aerial Defense Tower (ADT) placement is important: Later in the game flying monsters like Zafreeti, Fomor, and Teratorn become essential parts of people's attacks.
  • Make pairs of different types defensive towers. Like a Laser Tower with an Aerial Defense Tower or a Cannon Tower with a Sniper Tower, remember: "A good combo is a good killing".
  • When upgrading buildings that are outside your main defenses, move them to the north of your base. Wild Monsters attack from the south, south-east and south-west. When upgrading buildings that are outside your defenses place to the north of your bases so that if a wild monster attacks you won't lose upgrade time from the building being razed.
  • Put your Champion Cage right next to your Town Hall. Remember the Town Hall is the most important building in the game.
  • Use a Champion Monster that complements your yard and attacking situation. If you are constantly getting attacked by people, choose Gorgo because if he is the same level as a Drull, he will win because of his health. However, Gorgo can get lured out by strong monsters that can do some damage to your Gorgo and then Fomor or Drull can kill it (Fomor doesn't need the extra damage, but it would make Gorgo easier to kill). If you get attacked a lot but you also attack people a lot then pick Drull. Drull is strong and can run fast, but his health isn't that high and his speed can be bad in a way. Since he is so fast, if his health gets low the Zafreeti can't heal him and he will die. Fomor can fly, so the only monsters that can damage him are Eye-ra (with Airburst), D.A.V.E.s (with Rockets), another Fomor, a Korath, or a Teratorn. The only towers that can damage it are Aerial Defense Towes, Sniper Towers, Magma Towers or Teslas. Also, a bit off-topic, if you need resources to get better buildings, your Fomor will help your attacking because of his buff and his ranged attacks. A good army for looting is 2 D.A.V.E.s, 2 Zafreeti, Fomor (best if level 3+), Crabatron (if you need to set off some Booby Traps. If not, take Crabatron out), Pokey (a lot) to lure out their champion and monsters in their Monster Bunker (so you know what to expect). And any other monsters (Recommended: Project-X w/ Acid Spores, give your D.A.V.E.s Rockets, put in some Wormzers, and Fang w/ Venom).

Hall Of Yard (Please Add more)

There are many types of good yards in Backyard Monsters. Most of them are variations on similar ideas and we have listed some of the popular designs here. Please only post good base types here.

Notes: The Images may not be the best of that design + Please only post good bases of that design.

(Go to Stomp The Yard in Backyard monsters Forums to get your base rated)

Name Image Description
My Yard O.

Demon Hawk base


This type of yard is designed to withstand a PPX (10 million Putty with Project X) attack. It is spread out to avoid clumping up and a swift defeat of towers. The main goal is to waste time much as possible making the monsters path around walls.

Pros: Strong against the PPX. The strong pathing also keeps the air defense towers alive for longer, so standard attacks with zaf support have difficulty. The wide spacing makes it difficult to catapult.

Cons: The pathing is designed for a single wave, and a smart attacker can throw multiple waves to break the pathing. Another problem of this design is it requires the full yardage upgrade to use. One major problem with the anti-ppx design is it has very low firepower.

Silo Death Trap (SDT)/ Town Hall Death Trap(THDT) Common techniques used in good bases.
Jacobe Fraser's Alpha Doom Base

Jacobe Fraser's ALPHA Doom base 3.0

Jacobe Fraser's Alpha Doom Base yard Planner View


Vendetta v1.0

Vendetta v1.0

Vendetta v1.0 Yp



James Larry Moss Spead out Donut - Mega Donut v1.0


A Silo Death Trap can form part of a base. It is a section of a base with your silos and town hall in an enclosed area, with one or two paths riddle with mines leading to them. It often works against unprepared attackers. The main idea with using the silo death trap is that your base is already damaged enough to go into damage protection. The traps kill the monsters before they have a chance to destroy your silos and gain your resources. Thus you enter damage protection with your silos intact. A Town Hall Death Trap is like the Silo Death Trap but booby trap is placed at the entrance of Town Hall.

Pros: Has the chance to put you in damage protection without losing more resources. Fully utillise your booby traps. Hard to completely trash the entire yard, leaving always 1 or 2 silo standing.

Cons: It requries a large number of your walls to be devoted to protecting your silos. This reduces the pathing that helps keep your towers alive. Furthermore, an intelligent attacker can easily trigger all the traps with a champion or cheap monsters just for triggering the traps. Bolts and brains are an example of a minesweeper since they target harvesters and silos. They can also use teratorn and break through the defences once destroying your Aerial defence towers. Sometimes wormzers can easily bypass all your traps by digging under the traps and walls.

Quadrant Base
Nex base2

Quadrant base

A quadrant base is a base that is divided into sections with walk paths between them. This can be a bad base if it is created like the box base, which relies on delaying monsters by forcing them to break through the walls. If it is made correctly, as in the example shown, it can be good base as it forces monsters to walk around each section of the base while taking damage from towers and traps. It's a good idea to not make this base unless you are good at making.

Pros: This kind of base is easy to make and gives a reasonable defense against the average attacker. The pathing allows for easy placement of traps and gives time for towers to whittle down attackers. The close walling eliminates much of the advantage of range for rocket Daves. Multiple waves do not damage the pathing.

Cons: While this base is reasonably well made, it doesn't excel at anything. Other designs exist that do what this base does better.

Cataprone in critical areas and easily farmable with quite a profit turnover since you don't have to waste a lot of resources catapulting.


A microchip is a base that aims to make monsters walk the longest distance between towers. This base is extremely strong against ppx. When designed properly it will cause tower attackers to path around the base twice.

Pros: This gives it the longest walk path of any base design, but only for tower-targeting attackers. It also doubles as a Silo Death Trap.

Cons: The weakness of this design is that the extra long walk path only works against tower-targetting attackers. It is not particularly strong against other types of attacks. Multiple waves can damage the pathing of this design.

Concentrated Fire

Black Lotus: Concentrated Fire and Anti-PPX

BlackLotus YP

A Concentrated Fire base aims to force monsters to walk deeply into your base into heavily overlapping fields of fire and traps. It places as much damage on monsters as possible to overwhelm any healing that occurs. Blocks are placed to funnel monsters into the range of as many towers as possible. Most concentrated fire bases have close tower placement and are quickly overwhelmed by ppx. However, the Black Lotus design shown has been designed to maximise walking distance within a base that has low number of yardage upgrades.

Pros: The concentrated fire of this design almost nessecitates a ppx or tens of millions in catapults to soften up the defenses. It forces the attack to be extremely costly. The pathing causes the attackers to backtrack within each section, and then exit the base to walk around the outside to enter the next section. The constant backtracking can also causeallow towers to target the zaf support. The close walling also eliminates much of the advantage of rocket Daves to shoot at range. Multiple waves do not damage the pathing in the design.

Cons: This design's weakness is against players large amounts of resources to catapult, which can occur against large empires or very active players on world map. Longer walk paths are possible with well designed made spread design bases, although this comes at the cost of an increased yardage requirement.

Spread Design

Spark V3 Yard Planner


Spark is the current favourite design for large empire wars on world map.

Spread designs aims to protect against the two main threats when fighting against players with unlimited resources on the world map. PPX and multiple Twig/Pebble catapults in the millions. Spread designs give up on a very strong defense and instead aim to force the enemy to make many attacks to trigger damage protection. The design forces attackers to make more attacks, and the very even defense can cause the attack to end just under the damage required for protection. The example is the Spark 3V and is a favourite for fighting against large empires.

Pros: Spread designs are an excellent defense for players that log on frequently. The pathing on this base design has been extremely well tuned and falls in the category of anti-ppx. ADTs are designed to be destroyed after all the other towers have fallen. The pathing is resistant to multiple attacks and the extra range of Daves. Due to the advanced pathing the design generates moderate firepower against attackers. Spread designs are optimised for world map where you are fighting a strong player placing overwhelming force on you.

Cons: Spread bases require high yardage upgrades, which cost shiny, this means they are often out of the reach of many players. While, it is difficult to destroy well made spread designs in a few attacks, the weakness is that they are easy to damage a little bit at a time. The design can be cheaply worn down with multiple weak attacks and this tactic can be successful if the defending player does not log in regularly enough to repair.

Main buildings

Name Image Placement/Strategy Weakness
Town Hall/Outpost Town Hall 8189875 189999521037455 100000822243641 409393 5313068 n Try to place this building in the middle of your yard, at the x on your yard planner.

all monsters and champions

(the above is provided that the other monsters have destroyed their favourites)

Storage Silo Storage silo It should be protected between outer protection (Sniper/Cannon/Laser/Railgun) and inner protection(Tesla/laser/bunker/Railgun) . Should also be placed in the town hall's maze with booby traps. Or an SDT(Silo death trap). If this is destroyed, you will lose 5% of your resources. High health(1000+), high damage(400+) monsters, brains
  • Twig Snapper
  • Pebble Shiner
  • Putty Squisher
  • Goo Factory

They make your resources, and are best placed in the same row as your outer defenses. When it is destroyed, they will loot how much it had produced.

any monster


Name Image Description + Effect Weakness
Laser Tower Laser tower It has a wide AoE spread and deals considerable damage. However, it has a short range and low health, and does not deal with air attacks. Air attacks, low health. Easily taken down with catapults.(pebble bombs)
Tesla Tower Tesla tower It defends using high-damage attacks in bursts. There is a 3-second delay between bursts. The range is comparable but less than a Sniper Tower, can also attack air units. Long Cooldown Rate and twig missiles
Sniper Tower Sniper tower (1)

High Single-target damage with a very long range,can also damage air units.

Long firing delay

pebble bombs

Cannon Tower Cannon tower This tower attacks relatively fast and has an AoE splash. However, it has a short range and, like the Laser Tower, it does not deal with air attacks.

Short range, low damage, twig missiles.

Aerial Defense Tower (ADT) Aerial defense tower This is an anti-air attack tower that shoots a few bombs per shot. Long range, damage depends on the distance between it and the monster, considerable damage. Catapults and land attacks
Railgun Railgun It deal an amount of damage in a straight line shooting continuously.An infinite line of fire , high damage if placed properly. Best put at the end of a block-made straight entrance.

Needs to be placed properly & slow fire rate

Tesla towers and Sniper towers should be placed on the rim of your yard. They have great coverage of everything due to its' large range.

Laser towers and Cannon towers should be placed near the Town Hall and silos. The AoE damage will heavily damage monsters coming in.

Aerial Defense Towers should be placed near silos so people won't catapult them. If they aren't near silos you can say goodbye to your defense. Anything + a zaf can be used.

Some popular designs are either lasers and cannons inside, with teslas and snipers outside, or lasers and cannons outside with snipers and teslas inside. With the first, only the outside towers usually get to fire early, but with the second both can fire.

Monster Bunkers

The Monster Bunker is another defensive building.. It is a building where monsters from Housing are kept to defend your yard. When a yard is under attack and monsters wander within range, your bunkered monsters are unleashed. They then fight to the death. The best monsters to put in bunkers depend on what you currently have unlocked. See the Monster Bunker page to see what works best for you.

Monster Bunker Description
Monster bunker These allow monsters to fight to the death defending your yard.

In order to complete your yard, you should arrange the other buildings according to order of importance, placing them inside the range of your defensive towers whenever possible. The buildings which are not the Town Hall, harvesters, silos generally are useless and unwanted in a battle. Monster Bunker can be placed inside (beside your Town Hall, Defensive Tower or Resources) to help you protect your yard or be placed on the outside to waste your enemies monsters and time. Harvesters are the next building that will be used to stall. Remember not to bunch up harvesters or else looters can easily destroy them.

Town Hall--> Silos --> Harvesters --> Others

Defensive Buildings

Sniper Tower

Tesla Tower

Laser Tower

Air Defense Tower

Champion Cage


Cannon Tower

Spurts Cannon

Quake Tower

Magma Tower

Monster Bunker

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