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Under Hall Level Required 1
Maximum Building Levels 4
Building Usage General
Size 5 x 5 in blocks

" Unlocks new monsters that can be created in the Incubator. "

General Information

The Strongbox is a building found in the Inferno that allows you to unlock monsters found in WMI 2.
Strong Box
The Strongbox is the Inferno equivalent to the Monster Locker in the Overworld as it is Key to unlocking every monster (Barring Spurtz) in the Inferno.

Unlocking monsters

Monster Cost (Sulfur) Time
to Unlock
1 40px-SpurtzSpurtz - -
40px-ZagnoidZagnoid 16,000 4h
2 40px-ValgosValgos 38,400 18h
40px-MalphusMalphus 76,800 18h
3 40px-BalthazarBalthazar 614,400 1d
GrokusGrokus 1,228,800 1d
40px-SabnoxSabnox 2,457,600 2d
4 40px-King WormzerKing Wormzer 4,915,200 3d

Building and Upgrading

Level Cost Construction Time Repair Time Prerequisites
Bones Coal
1 1,800 2,300 10m L1 Under Hall
2 28,800 18,400 5h L2 Under Hall
3 115,200 147,200 20h 1h L3 Under Hall
4 460,800 588,800 1d 12h 3h 30m L4 Under Hall

Building Stages

Level Normal Action Damaged Destroyed
1 ~ 4 Strongbox Strongbox File:Strongbox Damaged.png File:Strongbox Destroyed.png
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