Stronghold Outpost
Town Hall Level Required none
Maximum Building Levels 3
Building Usage Defensive
Attacks ground yes
Attacks air yes
Size 6.5x x 6.5x in blocks

" This new Building will only be available on the Backyard Monsters New World Map. Its been code-named the Stronghold Building, conquer and Outpost with one of these and you'll have a defensive and offensive bonus in your Main Yard and Outposts. "

General Information

The Stronghold is a new building that was released in Backyard Monsters, available only to people in Map Room v3.It can be captured by destroying atleast 90% of its towers(blocks dont count)

Statistics of Stronghold Building:

  • Attacks similarly to the Tesla Tower, except that...
    • It doesn't need to charge
    • It can attack up to 5 targets at once (Four with its electricity, one with the electric rebound)
    • It continuously fires its electricity at its target(s) rather than firing in rapid bursts
  • Has an extremely high health for a tower building
  • It can be damaged by the Catapult
  • Can fire multiple streams of electricity at one target
  • Electricity seems to flow through multiple monsters.
  • Strongholds boost the defenses and attack strength of your Outposts within a specific range
  • The different Stronghold levels represent a farther range of strength & better health
  • You can fling within your Stronghold's range without paying a Battle Initiation Cost.
  • The Stronghold deals at least 900 damage per second (with one stream of electricity)

Additionally, it has been stated that it will only available to players in the World Map v3. There are special outposts with the Stronghold building in the center, replacing the outpost building. It will not be available in Main Yards (even though in the video it was shown in one).

Stronghold levels

A level 30 stronghold gives:

  • 10 cell attack range
  • 10% monster/tower damage bonus within a 10 cell radius

A level 40 stronghold gives:

  • 15 cell attack range
  • 20% monster/tower damage bonus within a 15 cell radius

A level 50 stronghold gives:

  • 20 cell attack range
  • 30% monster/tower damage bonus within a 20 cell radius
StrongHold's blue buff

Stronghold Buff/Range

Stronghold's Buff

If you have a stronghold, your stronghold will have a buff that only reaches a certain range!

Buff Color:

  • Blue - Yours
  • Red - Enemy
  • Purple - Mixed

Wild Monster Controlled Strongholds

Before a player conquers a stronghold, it is controlled by a random wild monster tribe. However, the tribe that is selected is not meaningless. If a wild monster tribe controlls a stronghold then everything that is controlled by that tribe in the stronghold's range gets the stronghold's buff. For example: If Kozu owns a level 50 stronghold, every kozu owned resource outpost, wild monster yard, outpost defender, and even other strongholds will get a 30% tower damage bonus inside the stronghold's range. This is the cause of the seemingly random buffed outposts/defenders. If you see these, look around: there is a stronghold nearby. 

Building stages

Level In Action Normal
1-3 Stronghold
Stronghold Outpost
Damaged Destroyed
1-3 Stronghold Damaged Stronghold Destroyed
New awesome BYM outpost building is awesome

New awesome BYM outpost building is awesome

Official sneak-peek released by David Scott



  • There is a kind of frustrating bug when you attack a player controlled stronghold outpost, by the second attack, the towers will be REPAIRED automatically even when attacking, it seems that the base is just invulnerable because of the endless repairing. FIXED (tested on a level 50 player controlled stronghold)
  • When attacking a outpost, sometimes there is a stronghold building on the edge of the map all by itself but destroying it does not give any buffs to your towers/monsters.(10% damage bonus,15 cell range,etc.)
  • A level 30 Legionnaire Tribe has a Stronghold building to the far right of the yard


  • The stronghold building is the strongest tower in the game (able to attack 5 targets and does approx. 900 damage a second).
  • A level 50 stronghold outpost is the best defended wild monster yard in the game. 
  • A level 30 Legionnaire Tribe has a Stronghold building to the far right.
    A stronghold

    A stronghold in a level 30 Legionnaire's base

  • The walls in Strongholds never completely cover a single building. They're just used for pathing.

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