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Trojan Horse
The Trojan Horse is a form of attack by a Wild Monster Tribe which is based on the Trojan Horse the Greeks used to infiltrate the city of Troy in ancient times. A truce from a random tribe (it does not say which tribe until after the attack) will be pinned to the horse; accepting or rejecting this will cause 5 of each monster from Tier 1, 2 and 3 (except Zafreeti, Vorg, Slimeattikus, Inferno and Champion monsters) to attack your base, entering the yard via the horse's mouth. You can press the red X button on the note to close it (no monsters will attack), but the horse doesn't disappear.

Trojan Horses are sent only when the player has reached level 20 and has attacked a certain number of people or monster tribes. They are only visible to you in Main Yard (much like Inferno Cavern). This is an opportunity to test out your defenses, but it will be highly risky if you are under level 25. It is recommended that you attempt the Trojan Horse at level 30 if you do not want to get severely damaged.

The Trojan Horse appears at the east of the yard. Once you have dealt against the invading monsters, the horse becomes unclickable and will disappear pernamently the next time you enter the main yard.

Monsters appeared from the Trojan Horse

No. Monsters

5 40px-Pokey Pokey


5 40px-Octo-ooze Octo-ooze


5 40px-Bolt Bolt


5 40px-Fink Fink


5 40px-Ichi Ichi


5 40px-Bandito Bandito


5 40px-Fang Fang


5 40px-Brain Brain


5 40px-Crabatron Crabatron


5 40px-Project X Project X


Backyard Monsters - Legionnaire Attack

Backyard Monsters - Legionnaire Attack

Trojan Horse Attack

Since a large amount of monsters will attack, it is recommended to set Laser Towers to protect your yard. Since the wave will consist of all types of monsters from Tier 1, 2 and 3 except for Zafreetis, Slimeattikus, Vorg, Inferno and Champion monsters, it is also recommended to use Tesla Towers. This is because they are the substitute of Sniper Towers in terms of damage but deal less damage than Laser Towers. Using a Monster Bunker with Eye-ras is the ultimate way to fight the Trojan Horse. This is useful as many defensive monsters will attack. Placing Cannon Towers at the angle of the attack quickly ends the massacre because they deal damage to all monsters hit, regardless of the number of monsters faced. The simplest thing to do is to wait until you reach level 35 or so on and then simply deal with it, but be sure to upgrade your defenses.

Also, since they come from the east of your yard, placing all defenses at the direction will be useful.

This is a useful temporal tower placement:

Cannon Laser Cannon Laser Cannon
Sniper Tesla Sniper Tesla Sniper


  • Trojan horse is called Horsey in Yard Planner
  • Previously, the red attack notification at the top of the game said 'It's a trap!', but now it simply says "Don't panic!" like every other wild monster attack.
  • This is the first event that appears after you reached a certain requirement, the other event is Hunt for Krallen, which is repeatable.


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