A job09

aka Nate

  • I live in Aspertia City
  • I was born on April 22
  • My occupation is keeping all the wikis at Wikia clean
  • I am a Pokemon Trainer.

  • My 1st Favorite Monster.
  • My 2nd Favorite Monster.
  • My 3rd Favorite Monster.
  • The last but not the least, it was Ichi.
  • My Town Hall is Level 10.Go to [[Town Hall]]
  • My champ is Drull. It was Level 2, but it becomes Level 6 once I go to MR3 now!

My current status to this wiki and BYM

My current status in this wiki is "ACTIVE".

My current status in BYM is "PARTIALLY INACTIVE".

On the Wiki

Cleaning up pages, reporting vandalism (25% chance), and replying threads, blogs, and blog comments.

On the game

I am inactive right now, but not gonna quit it. Because, of the game Battle Pirates, I got more interested about it. But I will become Active again from the game if KIXEYE released MR3 (Map Room 3). (NOT RIGHT NOW)

Update (3/21/13): I am now active now.

Update (4/7/13): I am just partially active now. Because I am busy here at the wiki and playing the game on Facebook called Neosaurs.

My welcome

Hi there! I am A_job09, an user and a rollbacker at this wiki.

I clean up pages, and also reply what you said to my message wall and to other's message wall.If you need some help, contact me using my message wall because, I AM SERIOUS ABOUT MESSAGE WALLS!!!

Don't forget, I can be offline for a while. But don't worry, keep messaging me. I will reply back.

If you want to visit my pages that I created, go here:

I am also going to the Wiki Activity to see some vandalism. And if I found some vandalism, I will report it.

I will stay this wiki alive. Also all of you visiting this special page, don't forget to stay this wiki alive! DON'T START FLAME WARS!!!!!!

Have a nice day!

A_job09 is at your service! 05:03, August 19, 2012 (UTC)

"Welcome to Job's user page!" said Job's Togepi.


"I'm mad at vandalizers. So don't vandalize a page...." said Job's Togepi.

Town Hall Level 10

"Town Hall Level 10


Watch out, there's a Spurtz on your back.

Town Hall 9

This is my Town Hall. Don't mess it up or my Spurtz guard will attack you.

My Information

Hi! I'm Job. Im still a kid. I'm helping this wiki to edit. So welcome to you! I love on editing, so I joined this wiki about 3 months. I aiming to be the Ranked 1 at the leaderboard. But Kevin has a lot of points. You may post at my message wall if you like, but follow the rules I do for you.

My Stats

The Level of my Town Hall: Level 10

My Level: 44

Outposts: 36 (NOT RIGHT NOW)

Resource Outposts: 1


My Inferno Level: 28

The Level of my Under Hall: Level 5

My Server: Jing Server

My Alliance: THE ALLIANCE OF D.E.A.T.H 2 Please join my alliance..... The leader here is Anthony and we are ranked 25 on the Jing server. (NOT RIGHT NOW)

Update (3/21/13): My Alliance is now Defender Securers. I am the leader. Please join my alliance! It's for free, important, you are great at securing Outpost Defenders, Resource Outposts and Strongholds!

My Favorite Monsters

  • My champ
  • I always use it to strong outposts.
  • I only use it to weak outposts.
  • I use it from attacking and defending my yard.
  • I sometimes use it to attacking.

My photos that I taken to another wiki.

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