aka Gorgo The Great

  • I live in Phillippines
  • My occupation is Buffing Monsters and Taking Hits..
  • I am Being a Gorgo, also secretly being a Fomor
Infernal acadamey

Inferno Academy

About me

My Backyard

My Stats

LV 38 Backyard Lv 30 Inferno


Lv 6.3 Gorgo Lv 4 Drull Lv 4 Fomor

Focusing On

Rocket Dave + Zaf + Gorgo/Fomor + Teratorn Rage combo



Preparing For

Korath Event 2

 I'm back guys, it's been a long long time, school and other stuff has been preventing me from playing BYM, I'm still here to help people, and to edit stuff whenever possible.       

My contributions

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