aka PokeyMonkey

  • I live in In a Pit
  • I was born on April 18
  • My occupation is Farting
  • I am a pig face

About me

Hi everybody! How is u doin?

My favourite game is of course BYM! My favourite monster is pokey (hense the name) and my favourite animal is a MONKEY! so when you combine them you get Pokey Monkey. Don't Join our alliance! (Pokey Monkeys is dead because everybody decided to leave -_-). I am a level 40.

Me and BYM

User info
Gender Male 50px-Mars symbol.svg
Country Great Britain
Level 35
Alliance Pokey Monkeys
No. outposts 1
Platform(s) Facebook
Fomor 4Gorgo 1Drull 1

My favorite attack style is as many Teratorns as i can get and Fomor

My Yard

I don't own this yard it is Vendetta V1.3 :-) Very good yard i reccomend it to all. I have added two quake towers also.
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