The 2 new admins are Alex Yu and PokeyMookey. :)

They are not bureacauts so don't ask them for admin, and don't ask me either unless you meet the criteria really well.

Note: PokeyMookey is not approved by MHLut yet so he might get demoted if MHLut dosen't like him being admin

Also, Robert Horning is a bit inactive, so I removed him from the Admin tab, and will put him on the admin tab again if he comes back. If he dosen't, most likely he will get demoted.

For now, we are not looking for any new admins, but who knows..we might make someone that meets the criteria really well a admin.

Mspanda-xKevin- Message Wall 18:30, April 7, 2012 (UTC)

Update: IA means Inactive Administrator

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