Vandalizers has been a problem since, probably the beginning this wiki began getting editors. To be honest, I'm sick of banning people every they because they have nothing else to do but remove content or instert **** into pages.

Here's some stuff we can do:

  • Giving trusted users the power to rollback edits, this may not solve problems fully..but may solve it slighty since it undoes the edit without showing on the wiki activity which may trick vandalizers that the page isn't restored. Note: This will most likely solve the problem fully.
  • Suggested by Iggyvolz: Use Abusefilter I don't know how this works actually and how to install it. But if you guys want to try this out and see if it solves the problem I'll ask MHLut. This thing (program I think?) disables people from removing more than half the page, but it dosen't solve the problem where people insert gibberish into pages.
  • Increasing ban really drastically: I never really seen any vandizers that come back suddenly and do good edits, or maybe because I don't bother to remember any vandalizers. But..this might work to prevent people from coming back even after they got banned because..seriosuly, why would anyone wait months to just vandalize a wiki? I never done a permanent ban to anyone, but if some person vandalizes too much I might do yearly bans and possibly permanent bans from now on.
  • Templates: Templates have already been insterted into all champion pages besides Korath to prevent editing most of the content to new and unregistered users. It's possible to do this on all pages of the wiki, of course it will take a lot of work, but for the sake of protecting this's worth it. And also it might be a problem if people have to keep going to a different template to edit it, it also applies to us admins as well. (maybe not staff, but we're not staff)

Any other suggestions? Post here :)

Update: There are some registerd users that vandalize, but those people, there aren't a lot of them. Really..I see one of those people like once every..2~4 weeks.

The goal is to get rid of as much as vandalizers as possible, if not all.

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