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(NOTE: MAKE SURE YOU READ PART 1. AS THIS IS NOW AN UPDATED BLOG FOR "Sigh, what happened to this wiki?!".)

Now, this is the part 2 of "Sigh, what happened to this wiki?!". This is the updated page. If you don't yet read part 1, read it here first:,_what_happened_to_this_wiki%3F!

Now, let's begin.

You know, I see at the wiki activity, just only a few users I have seen on the activity. I also see IPs, but only also a few of them. It is almost there that I am only the editor of the pages here. But this is the just the beginning of the wiki dying, as the wiki is just like injured.

We need your help. All of you. IPs, registered users and admins. The wiki is injured. And I can't only stop the wiki dying by myself, I need all of you. Also vandalizers before that have been unblocked or expired the block, we need your help also. Now be now a good user of this wiki and help us, PLEASE!

When I joined this wiki, I've experience fun. And knowledge also. Wikia was created for knowledge. Not for messing the wiki. We must be thankful that Wikia is created to help us. That's why that Wikia was created. That was true. You will see. If you keep vandalizing pages, in return is bad carma. It means, in return, you will be blocked.

And I also help this wiki a lot. This is the first wiki that I contributed. This wiki is the only one that I got most edits here. And, this is my favorite to the most of wikis. I'm not saying only this I like and love, but also other wikis. I love them. So that's why you have seen my occupation that is "keeping all wikis on Wikia clean". This is what I mean.

I hope you all read this. You also comment me if you like. But not all people can read this and comment me. It's okay that you don't read this and comment. But all I need is to, SAVE THIS WIKI. And you have the power to SAVE THIS WIKI.

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