There is an easy way to make going through the wiki easy! Here is how we do it:

  • Have you seen Ikk200's userpage? Those things in the sides are an example of what I am planning.
  • We do this via the Template. It would be really hard to do this page by page.
  • The navigation would be tough to make, but will be worth it.
  • You may also add the Series Nav (Another old idea) to the side navigation, only if you vote for it(comments). This will be represented only by an arrow.
  • The side navigation consist of boxes with monsters images/buildings images inside it. I will not do it on Recent Wiki Activity.
  • Also there will be a Help on Issue, which will direct you to Kixeye Support Page.
  • Home button will be added as well. Also we will put "Report Vandalism" and "Page Deletion" buttons for quick reports on vandals.

I will do this soon, since I am busy on a lot of things.


  • Can make navigation through the wiki fast and easy.
  • Can really help people who want their issue to be fixed through the redirecting to Kixeye Support.
  • Makes all the wiki maintenance (like removing vandalism) easy.


  • Chance of slowing down loading.
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