Wazzup madafukazz! :D

What's good!? I havent wrote a blog in a long time, since I had alot of work in scool and stuff like that. -.- Anyway...

The first thing I would like to ask you is what you think about new massage wall? Well, I think it might be good, but at the same time annoying. I mean we already have Talk Pages and Blogs. And the thing that most annoys me, is that I get notification about every freakin wall post, even if it is not on my own wall... I think it was xKevin who said that this site is turning into something wery similar to Facebook, and I agree :)

Oh, Inferno. The magnificant world full of magma, sulfur, coal and bones... Yes it is great. It would really be heaven... unless we wouldn't only have 1 f**kin worker! -.-

This is still one major mistake that Kixeye made, giving us one worker only. But, on the other hand, they must have good reasons to do that, right? Probably they don't want players to expand too much in the early game, as they will be adding new functions to Inferno soon... Maybe, I dunno :) I am level 27 in Inferno right now, just so you know.

If some of you did not noticed, we are now able to transfer monsters from Inferno into our upper yard. That seems cool. Also, I dunno if I already mentioned it in one of my previous blogs, but I changed opinion on my favorite Inferno monster. Now, I like Zagnoid the most of all. It has high health, it is pretty fast, deals double damage to defensive towers, and it only takes 15 spaces, wich is amazing!

And finally, I will be uploading a new pisture of my Main Yard (BBV V.2.) soon. My main yard now has all the towers max fortified and max upgraded (all three Tesla Towers are gonna be finnished with upgading to level 6 on monday). I excluded the Quake Towers :)

Well, that's all for now. Have a nice day, and smell ya l8r! :D

P.S: I apologise if my language is too harsh for some of you, but that is just how I feel (I'm in a good mood :3).

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