Hey there!

Ok, where should I start... In the last few weeks alot of things changed in BYM. Kixeye has made lot of updates. Some of them are good, and some of them are... well... not that good.

Lets check whats new:

Chaos Weapons

I dunno why here are another 2 buildings that need Inferno resources to build. In my opinion, at least the weapons should have the cost in twigs/pebbles/putty. Personaly, I haven't even tried using those weapons. Reason: I really don't care about them.

  • Marilyn Monstroe: This is actualy the only usefull Chaos Weapon I see, and the reason is that it can clear monsters in Monster Bunkers out of the way in no time. It is a thing that makes Eye-ras completely useless.
  • Candy Jars: It would be cool if your monsters could actually attack the jared towers, but since that is inpossable, this Weapon is pretty much useless, as stonger towers (like Tesla and Railgun) will break the glass in about 8 seconds, and kill your monsters witch will be looting during that time. Might be good at higher levels, however...
  • Loot-O-Tron 5000: This thing might work, as it sucks resources right out of the TH. The only question is, does it pays off giving away Inferno resources for upper yard resources? Think about it.

Auto-banking and extended Flinger range

Pretty nice, I must say. I just love the new Flinger range increase. Helps to reach other players that are potencial farms. And about the Auto-banking... I think its ok. The only thing is, that you dont get extra space for saving resources in productors anymore. That kinda sucks, as now my capacity is at max all the time...

10 Million Putty Rage weakened!?!?

OMFG! What the hell is wrong with Kixeye? The 10 Milion Putty Rage was the only thing that made a late game attack powerfull. I don't know if you noticed, but there is more deffensive buildings than freakin resource producers, silos and Town Hall combined. How the f**k are we supposed to break a players defense if we don't have our monsters invincable for 40 seconds anymore? DOn't get me wrong, the 10MPR is still pretty strong, some strategies still work with it.

Kixeye probably did this because of the new Chaos Wepons that are now in. But I think they made a big mistake. Chaos Weapons don't make up for this.


Well, that is pretty much everything that happened in the past few weaks. The new Underhall level 6 is also here. And, to summary; Destroying a Main Yard is gonna be hard as ballz from now on.

Anyway... Have a great time and

Smell Ya Later! :D

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