I've lost a bit of familiarity with Wikia's UI, so formatting issues may arrise.

Firstly, I would like to sincerely apologize for being gone. I'm not too sure if it made a huge impact, but it was irresponsible nonetheless. To be completely honest, I forgot about the wiki. I had trouble with both my PC and internet connection, so I was in the dark for quite a while. During this time, I got preoccupied with, work, my social life, other hobbies, etc., and by the time I had the issues with my PC fixed and the internet running steadily, I had lost the bookmark for the wiki and spent so much time preoccupied with life that I couldn't recall the wiki.

I would like to assure you that I am NOT leaving this wiki, and I will continue moderation. With my loss of interest (or rather, addiction), to Backyard Monsters, I'm not as capable of adding new info, being only able to refine articles as much as I can and correct obvious errors. In a best-case scenario, I'll try out the Android version and start playing again and (hopefully) continue adding information.

As one might expect, because I was gone for so long, I'm not really caught up with any big events or controvercies surrounding Backyard Monsters or the wiki, so I would very much appreciate it if one could fill me in.

Happy editing.


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