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Workers Upgrading

Workers are blue, Pokey-like minions, which are

required to build and upgrade anything in your backyard.When you first start the game, you will have one worker at your disposal. Additional workers are sold in the General Store for increasing amounts of Shiny; you may expand your workforce to a maximum of five workers this way. During the tutorial, you will be asked to buy your second worker already. Occasionally a worker will stop an upgrade and say "What was I doing?". If you start the worker on a different project you will lose the resources you invest. To get the worker working again simply refresh the game. Remember! The maximum number of workers is 5. Workers can pick the mushrooms that grow around your yard every day.
Old worker

How the Old Workers used to look like.

When they pick them, the following replies can be given:

"Plain Old Fungus"

"These Things Grow Like Weeds"

"Mmmm... Mushroom Soup"

"I Found x Shiny!" x being the amount of shiny found.
Workers Fortifying

Workers Fortifying

Number of Worker Shiny Cost
1st Worker Free
2nd Worker 250
3rd Worker 500
4th Worker 1,000
5th Worker 2,000

Normally you just need 2 or 3 workers (recommended 3 workers). An amount of 4 or 5 can be just a waste of Shiny unless you're a Shiny user.

Worker Replies

Respond types Blue Worker Inferno Worker
Walking Off to work Does my skin look blue to you?
On my way I wish Master Moloch were still here
I can do that If you insist
No problem! Have I told you how much I hate you?
In a Jiffy I guess I don't have a choice
I'm on it! All work and no play
Canceled Operation Oh, OK! Stop wasting my time
What was I doing? I hate you more everyday
Make your mind up! Screw you!
Changed your mind? And you wonder why I hate you
Finished Construction All done Don't like it? Tough!
That was easy
Hope you like it Your approval is meaningless
Lookin' good! Hope you hate it
All in a days work
All done boss Can you leave me alone now?
Job done!

Finished Repairs (You no

longer need workers to


As good as new Too bad I can't fix you
Any more drudgery for me to do?
All fixed up! You're nothing but a slave driver
Moloch is still my master
Finished Upgrade All done Looks a little less lame now
Much better One day I'll get my revenge
A big improvement Nothing you can do will make me like you
All in a days work My hatred for you has no limits
All done boss


  • Worker attack of the pokies

    Worker featured in the "Attack of the Pokies"

    Workers are featured as the main character in the minigame Attack of the Pokies (which appears during maintenance), where they must be guided around Pokies to gather mushrooms.
  • Workers were once balloons with smiley faces.
  • The Inferno worker doesn't like you, but still obeys.
  • Workers won't be attacked by monsters and it won't die either.
  • Some users got 5 workers for free due to a glitch.
  • In early days of backyard monster worker where walking in your yard.
  • In the Google+ max glitch the user will recieve 5 workers.