Yard Planner
Yard Planner
Town Hall Level Required 3
Maximum Building Levels 1
Building Usage General
Size 5 x 5 in blocks

" Quickly move some things around or completely remodel your layout! This building gives you a birds-eye view of your yard and makes moving buildings a snap. "

General Information

This building will give you the ability to easily move everything around with its bird's eye view (from the top). It also gives you the ability to move buildings without waiting for it to be repaired, upgraded or fortified. If you don't know where to put your defensive towers, this building will show you the ranges of each type of defense towers. Use them to improve your yard's defense and organization.

With updates from 29th June, Players can now move the buildings with more ease, giving addition features such as saving Layout and 'storing' buildings for easier arrangement in the window. Saving features can only be used on Main Yard, and not on outpost, however, so players who wished to modify the outpost arrangement will still have to do it by themselves.

You can also use unofficial online yard planner simulators to test out base designs. One example of this is the Next Generation Yard Planner(not the yard planner now).

Building and Upgrading

Level Cost Construction Time Prerequisites Resources Recycled HP Repair Time
Twigs Pebbles Twigs Pebbles
1 250,000 250,000 12 hours L3 Town Hall 125,000 125,000 16,000 1h

The range of a tower as displayed through the Yard Planner

Building Progression

Structure Level Normal Damaged Destroyed
1 Yard Planner Yard Planner Damaged Yard Planner Destroyed


Moved to Yard Planner/tips


All sizes are on a 1x basis.


Most base color belonging to this region are denoted in orange.

Structure Name Icon Structure Name Icon Structure Name Icon
Town Hall Townhall Yard Planner Yardplannerico General Store Generalstore
Monster Academy Academy Map Room Map Monster Lab Lab
Catapult Catapult Monster Locker Locker Monster Juicer Juicer
Hatchery Control Center HCC Hatchery Hatchery Housing Housing
Radio Tower (Facebook Only) Radio Flinger Flinger Wild Monster Baiter Baiter


Most base color belonging to this region are denoted in brown.

Structure Name Icon Structure Name Icon
Twig Snapper Twig Pebble Shiner Pebble
Putty Squisher Putty Goo Factory Goo
Storage Silo Silo


Most base color belonging to this region are denoted in red, except for a few.

Structure Name Icon Structure Name Icon Structure Name Icon
Sniper Tower
Tesla Tower Teslatower Aerial Defense Tower Adt
Cannon Tower
Laser Tower Lasertower Railgun Railgunico
Booby Trap
Heavy Trap
Champion Cage
Champion Chamber Championchamber Spurtz Cannon (Event) Spurtzcan

Inferno Exclusives

Bases from Inferno are placed in this area.

Structure Name Icon Structure Name Icon
Chaos Factory Chaosfactory Chaos Lab Chaoslab
Quake Tower Quaketower Magma Tower Magmatower
Inferno Cavern (No denote and cannot be moved) Cave


All others are placed here.

Structure Name Icon
Decorations (Size may vary) Decorations


  • In very earlier versions on the game (before 4th patch), the yard had a birds-eye view (similar to the Yard Planner's view), instead of the current 45 degree view.
  • Inferno does not have a Yard Planner yet.
  • Kixeye stated in 2 Twitter Tweets, (Twitter Tweet 1 - Twitter Tweet 2 ) and also a Forum Post about Yard Planner 2 Coming soon. It was released soon after on June 29th 2012.
  • The only known way to move repairing buildings was by using the Yard Planner, and buildings under upgrading, building or fortifying cannot be moved. This was changed along with the updates. Inferno Cavern cannot be moved, regardless.
  • The Yard Planner 2 has new features which include saving your current yard design so that if you do change your yard you can always go back to your old style with just one simple click. You can currently only save your yard design twice in slot 1 and slot 2.
  • Using Yard Planner 2, you are not able to easily locate mushrooms. That was possible with the first Yard Planner.
  • A good reason for the slots is to change your "Yard Version"(i.e. you can change from "attack yard' to "defense yard").
  • The Yard Planner now has an icon when you go to help someone who is building it, the helping always worked by clicking on the building and selecting help, it just had no icon at the bottom to scroll to it.
  • Black Diamond Blocks now appear correctly in the Yard Planner.
  • Booby traps now show as circles in the Yard Planner.

29th June updates gives you this window.

Black Lotus (Yard Planner1)

Yard Planner 1 (Example)



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