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Strongbox level 1
Favorite target Defensive Towers
Attacks ground yes
Attacks air no
Special ability 2x damage on defensive towers

" Zagnoid may look like a science experiment gone wrong, but it's actually highly adapted to the sulfuric fumes that permeate Inferno. It has a keen sense of smell that leads it directly to defensive towers. "

General Information

This monster was first seen in Wave 32 of the Wild Monster Invasion and later on in Wild Monster Invasion 2. It appears to attack only defensive towers first, similar to Ichi and Crabatron. Furthermore, it deals double damage to defensive towers. It's health is also quite high - therefore it takes a long time to kill it.

Zagnoid's attack doubles when it attacks a defensive tower, and it is not a "researched" ability (like Wormzer splash damage or Bolt Teleportation, etc.).

Zagnoid is better than every single defense targeting monster in the upper world, and is very useful when transferred up. The reason is that it takes up very little housing space but has 3350 hp at maxed level and does 200 to defense towers. On the other hand, Crabatron has 4000 health but half the damage Zagnoid does to defense towers. It also takes only sixteen seconds to hatch, meaning you can make 46 zagnoid in the time it takes to make 1 crabatron and 5 in the time it takes to make 1 ichi. When used with a high level Fomor, it is almost invincible.


Level 1 2 3 4 5
Movement speed 1.8 kph 1.8 kph 1.8 kph 1.8 kph 1.8 kph
Health 1,500 1,820 2,300 2,800 3,350
Damage 80(160) 85(170) 90(180) 95(190) 100(200)
Magma cost 2,500 4,000 8,000 12,000 16,000
Magma cost MR3 7,500 12,000 24,000 36,000 48,000
Housing space 15 15 15 15 15
Production time 15s 16s 16s 16s 16s
Production time MR3 45s 48s 48s 48s 48s
Upgrade cost (Sulfur) 16,000 4,800 9,600 14,400 19,200
Upgrade time 4h 4h 8h 12h 16h


  • Zagnoid does double damage to defensive towers and Compounds, making it a good attacker, as you can send your high damage monsters in to dominate the yard.
  • Zagnoid is the Inferno equivalent to an Octo-ooze in the overworld.


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